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Closing The Sale

This is what we refer to as ‘sales progression’ and can be an undervalued part of what an Estate Agent contributes to the sale.  We will protect you, the seller, from unforeseen delays and ensure that your route to completion is as risk-free and relaxed as it can be.


1. Assessing the risks in the chain

Understanding the position that your potential buyer is in and any chain, is important, as it can make a significant difference to how long it takes to complete the sale of your house.  We will always seek to find out this information for you, so you can properly assess the offer you receive and if it is right for you.


2. Offer acceptance and sales progression

We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the potential buyers have fully understood the value of your house. Once an offer has been accepted that takes into account all of your circumstances and that you are happy with,  we then notify all relevant parties to ensure we get your house sale completed without delay.



3. Memorandum of Sale preparation

This document is prepared by us and records the price that has been agreed, the name of the parties involved and their respective solicitors.  It will also record any special agreements that have been made between you and your buyer so that this can be formalised in the contract that will be prepared by your solicitor