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We are an experienced Swindon estate agent with the expertise to deliver fast results

Your low-cost estate agent

Resides Swindon provides a refreshing and uniquely fair cost model for estate agents, where you only pay for the services that you use.

You can opt to pay on completion of your property sale, or for an even lower cost, you can choose to pay for the individual services as they are needed along the way.

Your Low Cost Swindon Estate Agent
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Experts in property marketing

A low cost does not mean you lose out on the way your property is marketed online to a national audience of buyers.  We provide marketing expertise and the exact same advertising with Zoopla and Rightmove that you would get through any national or local estate agent.

Let’s help you understand if selling your property is the right decision for you before you spend any money…

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Our Steps to Success

We view the process of selling your property in 4 steps; find out how we are ideally placed to help you with each one. 

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Free Property Appraisal
Property Marketing
Hosted Viewings
Sales Progression
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Property Marketing
Hosted Viewings*
Sales Progression
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Please note that Hosted Viewings are not part of all of our package options.  To find out more about the cost of our service and what is included in each optional package, please click here Package options


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We know that there’s much more to selling a property than recommending a price and marketing it.

We guide you through every step of the way, from advising on how best to present your home for viewings, to negotiating the sale and liaising with solicitors.

We have the experience and local knowledge to help your potential buyers understand the full value of your property and ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Expertise is everything

Unlock the value of your home

After 20 years of working for estate agents around Swindon, we wanted to create a better way to sell your property that provided all of the advantages, but at a price that was fair for everyone involved.

From talking to clients, it is clear that there are aspects of a property sale that some clients can, and would, rather do themselves. 

We believe that with Resides Swindon, we have found the perfect balance between providing expert and local professional services, and giving the right guidance that will empower our clients to effectively carry out their viewings themselves.

We can provide the same level of advertising as any other estate agent but at a fairer price.


Why choose Resides Swindon to partner with you in your property sale?

A low fair price for our services
National advertising on Rightmove & Zoopla
Free 'Price Maximisation' guidance
Local phone contact when you need it
Guidance on how you can save money
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You are in safe hands

Resides Swindon is a proud member of the Property Ombudsman scheme and we ensure that we operate within the code of practice stipulated by them.  This means that for you, as our client, in the event you are ever dissatisfied with our service, you have the ability to utilise The Property Ombudsman as an impartial means to resolve that issue.

We are constantly seeking to optimise the way we work and in the event that you have any feedback, we would be delighted to receive this.  If you wish to provide feedback or complain about any aspect of the service you are receiving from us, please click the link below.

How we protect you 

Start the journey to selling your property today 

For us, the journey of selling your property starts with advice on finding out if this is the right choice for you.  We can talk to you about the value of your property, how long it is currently taking to sell properties in your area and what we expect the market to do in the coming months. Find out for FREE, if selling your property is right for you.  To find out more about our FREE property appraisal please click here Free Property Appraisal  

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