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Couple considering a Free Property Appraisal

Free Property

Find out if selling is right for you

We understand that selling your home or investment is a significant and often life-changing step. We want you to be completely comfortable that selling is the right decision for you before you commit to any money being spent.


This is why we provide a 'No Commitment', Free Property Appraisal and Price Maximisation Survey.

What is a Property Appraisal?

Our FREE Property Appraisal is where we use our expertise to compare your property to others. We use our understanding of the current market status to suggest what we feel is an appropriate guide price that will achieve the best outcome for you, the seller.

It is important for us to consider the many variables that affect the property value and the number of potential buyers that are currently available.  If we believe that an alternative time for selling your property will achieve a more favourable outcome for your circumstances, we will try to guide you accordingly.

Please note that to understand the value of a property for legal purposes, such as probate or divorce, you will need to engage the services of a professional surveyor and there will be a cost for this service.  If a professional survey is required, please let us know and we will be able to recommend someone.

Resides Swindon Estage Agent completing a Free Property Appraisal

Discuss how you should present your property to get the best result

Ideally presented property image from sold Resides Swindon property

Like any big decision, when making a property purchase the buyer will seek to understand how that property can meet their needs.   It is therefore important to consider what the specific needs of your potential buyers may be.

When we decide to move home, it is often because our property no longer meets our own needs.  Whether this is due to a new or growing family or a family that has left home, the new buyer is likely to be at a different stage in their life. It can therefore be beneficial if we help you consider the circumstances of your potential buyers.

Together we can present the property in a way that allows the buyers to fully appreciate how it could be their ideal next property.


Let us discuss how this can be achieved for your property.

For more tips on preparing for viewing, click here Prepare for viewing

Get to know us

Our FREE Market Appraisal is the ideal opportunity for us to get to know you and your property.  It is important when you sell your home or investment, that you choose the right estate agent, so feel free to ask us anything that is on your mind.

We are an experienced team and we have extensive knowledge of Swindon and the surrounding areas.  Let us understand your situation and we will talk through the options available to you and how we will work at Resides Swindon to give you insight into the current property market.

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