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Relax and let us guide your buyers

We are more than happy to guide you on how you can give your potential buyers the best viewing experience of your property yourself.  However, it is worth considering that we show people around properties on a daily basis and have built up years of experience in understanding what buyers need from a viewing.

It is also sometimes easier for potential buyers to feel at ease without the current resident there, as it feels less intrusive.  This helps a customer concentrate on the aspects that will reassure them that your property is the right one for them and can increase your chances of selling to them.

If this is a service you would like from us, please talk to us about how this can be arranged.

Whether you plan on conducting the viewings yourself, or you use our hosted viewing service, the below tips will help you achieve the best outcome.


How to prepare for viewings of your home

How to prepare for viewings


Make sure your property is looking the absolute best before any viewings take place.  Consider what the potential buyers are seeking and do what you can do to help them consider it as their next home or investment.

Ensure your property stands out

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling houses. Most buyers will have several viewings lined up and it’s important that your property creates a positive and lasting first impression.

It may feel a bit strange, but go and stand outside your home and consider what the viewer is going to see as they approach it.  Anything you can do to ensure it looks tidy and well-maintained will give the right impression.  Clear the driveway, put away the bins and ensure the lawn and any plants and trimmed and looking their best.  Get the windows cleaned and consider special attention to the front door, as this is the first focal point.  If you know your taste in colours is individual, consider what you can do to create a more neutral palette that will allow your potential buyers to better imagine themselves living there.

Pets are not for everyone

Consider if your pets have left a lasting impression on your home.  Is there an odour of litter trays, pet food or the smell of your dog from the last wet walk they enjoyed?

To be sure, ensure your property has been aired and use appropriate scented candles or air fresheners to give it a more neutral odour.

If you do have pets, pay extra attention to vacuuming up stray pet hairs from carpets, rugs and soft furnishings.

It is worth considering if your pets can be away from your property at the time of your viewing and temporarily hide any food bowls or litter trays.

Accentuate the space that is available

Buyers will want to ensure that they will fit into your property and anything you can do to give a sense of more space will help immensely.  Consider if you have any extra furniture around that is making any of the rooms feel cramped.  Is there anything that is too big for the room and is making it feel smaller than it is?

Remember, your potential buyers may want to see the loft and garage, so moving any furniture to these locations may not help.  Please do consider if during the viewing stages of the house sale, if there is anything that needs to go into storage to ensure the property is given the best chance.

Give your estate agent as much information as possible

Think about walking times to local shops and pubs, what parking is like and any other aspects that could be important to your buyer.  Are there any interesting features that were important to you when you moved in? 

Are there any negative aspects that we all need to consider the best approach to? 


Let us discuss the best way of informing anyone that is viewing the property.

Pay extra attention to your kitchen

Studies have shown that the kitchen is a real focal point for buyers when viewing a property. Considering what your potential buyers need from this room is essential.

As a minimum, make sure the hob and oven are clean and try to clear away any bulky appliances that are taking up work surface area and making the room feel cramped.

Spend time to ensure all of the surfaces are shining and the room smells fresh.  If a buyer thinks that they will need to invest in a new kitchen, it could impact the price that they are willing to pay you for your property.

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