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Meet our team

We are little bit different

After 20 years of working in estate agents around Swindon, we wanted to create a better way to sell your property that provided all of the advantages, but at a price that was fairer for everyone involved. After 4 years at Resides Swindon we are growing strong.

I have spent 25 of years my life bringing up my family in Swindon and working for both large and small estate agents across the town.  I understand that we live in a unique place, made up of areas that all offer something different to a family or person wanting to live or to invest in property here. 

I want to show you how my knowledge can help you position and market your house to get the best price and how you can reach as many prospective buyers as possible.  I am passionate about selling houses and bringing a fairer cost model to the Swindon property market.

Alison Potter 

Managing Director

Customer Service

Layla Allen

Supporting you to sell your house is about bringing you the experience and the expertise in the areas that you need, at the exact time when you need it. It is about giving you the information that will let you make the right decisions for your situation. 

I have spent the last 18 years working in customer services roles in Swindon and then designing and managing customer service solutions and teams across many different industries, right across the South West.  My experience shows me that our estate agency will excel at providing a better level of customer care and my role is to ensure that we do exactly that. 

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