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Let's start at the beginning

Selling your property starts with understanding who your potential buyers are likely to be and this is where our years of experience will help you.  We will work on a plan with you to present your property in the best possible way for all the specific needs of your potential buyers.

Expert photography and floor plans

Our professional photographer will capture beautiful images of the exterior and interior and create a full floorplan to ensure your property is fully appreciated by the target audience.

Great photography is a team effort and to get the best results we need to follow the expert guidance, to prepare for a great photography session:

Tips for preparing the interior of your home

  • First and foremost, clean away the clutter - or just hide it, we won't tell!

  • Bins should be hidden away

  • Remember, not everyone is a pet lover so let's hide the pet food bowls

  • Good photography needs clean lines so it is best to unplug and tidy away any cables that are not being used

  • Light makes a huge difference; so open up the curtains and blinds and flood the areas with as much natural light as possible

  • Great light really does mean great photos, so if it is a dark day, turn on all the lights to create a warm and inviting ambience

Tips for preparing the exterior of your home

  • Let's get those wheelie bins put away

  • Photos will emphasise any mess, so clear away any debris and trim the lawn to coincide with your photographer visiting.

Online advertising to MILLIONS

Online Marketing_edited.jpg

We ensure that your property is viewed by the maximum number of potential buyers through our partner platforms.

Rightmove is the 15th most visited website in the UK with over 132 million visits per month.  That is equivalent to twice the UK population having the potential to see your property every month.

Although Zoopla is averaging just over 20 million visits per month, we feel it is important to ensure our customers are also listed here because some of its audience are not searching elsewhere.

You can be confident that Resides Swindon gives your property the exposure it needs and that no other local or online estate agent can reach a higher number of potential buyers.

Enhanced Listings

Enhanced Listings

Resides Swindon has a range of services that could enhance your listing.

Arial photography

Arial photography and video can bring an added perspective to certain properties and will enhance the perception of the location for potential buyers.

Our professional drone operators are fully licensed and insured and operate with permission and in accordance with the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) at all times.

If we think this 'bolt-on' service has the potential to add value to your property listing, we can discuss the cost that would be involved.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC is a home energy survey that shows you how energy efficient your home is and includes a list of recommendations on how to improve your energy efficiency. It is a legal requirement to have an EPC if you're selling, leasing or renting a property

An EPC will give your property an energy rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient) and is valid for 10 years.


If you think there have been significant changes to the energy efficiency of your property since the last certificate was produced, we can arrange for this to be carried out for you.  Please talk to us about the cost of this bolt-on service.  For more information please click here EPC Surveys

You can access the existing EPC for any residential property through the government's website using the button here.

To get started on your journey to selling your property, book your FREE Market Appraisal

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